Netflix Plans Original £100 Million Drama About the Queen


Netflix is working on an original drama series inspired by the life of the Queen.

The series, titled The Crown, will be the first original British show released by the streaming service, with Peter Morgan, the director of the 2006 film The Queen, attached to direct the drama.

The series will run for 20 episodes with a budget of £5 million being set for each installment, meaning that The Crown will cost around £100 million in total to produce. BBC and ITV are also reportedly interested in broadcasting the series, though production company Left Bank Studios are close to completing a deal with Netflix which will see it join the likes of other Netflix Originals such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

The show is set to follow the six decades of Queen Elizabeth II's reign as Queen of England. It will be based upon Morgan's critically-acclaimed play The Audience, which portrayed the weekly audiences the Queen shared with prime ministers throughout her time on the throne.

There have been no casting announcements thus far, so it is uncertain whether Helen Mirren will reprise her award-winning role, but with Morgan directing it could still be a possibility.