Festival Fails: A Collection of Horrors, Hilarity & Humiliation



Things don't often go as planned at music festivals, with a massive production with many moving parts and strict timelines. While the happy surprises always make the journey worthwhile, we've collected a greatest-hits collection of Festival Fails taking place both onstage and off over the years. With a little luck and self-awareness, you can avoid the following pitfalls in your Summer festival experience this year.


Bad Idea: Bottled Bodily Fluids in Flight

This guy’s lucky it wasn’t a linebacker putting him in check.


Partying Before Setting Up Your Tent = Fail

Basic common sense, people. Come on.


Outkast at Coachella 2014


Outkast hit the stage at Coachella 2014 for their hugely anticipated headlining reunion performance with a suspense-soaked intro, a backing band and an immediate run through the big-box hits in nostalgic celebration. The sing-alongs were hilariously tongue-tied during “B.O.B.," while "Gasoline Dreams" brought out some serious white-girl twerking. “Rosa Parks” may as well have been the party-infused National Anthem, with tens of thousands of festivalgoers dancing their asses off.

However, according to many internet reports the crowd was bored, André was dismissive and the performance was an overall failure. Sure, the middle section was a bit indulgent, and the whippersnappers without catalogue reference couldn’t find familiar comfort in some of the deeper tracks. Yes, the sound cut out during "Ms. Jackson,” and André did in fact perform most of “Hey Ya” with his back to the crowd. But… still… I mean… it's Outkast! Right? ….right?


Stage Diving Fail

Confidence isn’t always key, guys and girls. Especially if you’re wearing a speedo. Stay off the stage unless you're supposed to be there.


Kanye Burns Bonnaroo Bridges


Bonnaroo and Kanye have a troubled history, going back to 2008 when the egomaniacal hobbit-loving rapper took the stage for his headlining performance at 4:30 AM – two hours later than an already very-late scheduled stage time. Organizers explained that the delays were due to “production issues, schedule changes, and various requests” from West’s camp, which apparently included a refusal to go on when anyone else at the festival was playing. It was all made worse by the fact that he played a short, disappointing set, resulting in a massive fan backlash and many onstage digs from other artists the following day. Days later, Kanye unleashed a blog tirade blaming the festival and Pearl Jam who played before him, stating: “WE WERE OBVIOUSLY DEALING WITH F*CKING IDIOTS WHO DIDN’T REALLY HAVE THE CAPACITY TO REALLY PUT ON THIS SHOW PROPERLY.”

Surprisingly, they're giving him another chance. He's headlining Bonnaroo 2014.


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