5 Reasons Why The Fanny Pack is the Perfect Festival Accessory


After years of taking a beating in the fashion world, fanny packs still don’t get the widespread appreciation they deserve. Whether you’re for them or, more likely, strongly against, a handy little hip pocket is the perfect festival accessory. 

That’s right, we said it. Fanny packs aren’t just for middle aged dads strapping on their crocs or old ladies bringing her meds to the mall anymore. It’s time to embrace the glorified utility belt with the terribly unfortunate name (and it’s not as if “hip-sack” or “stuff pouch” is much better).

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If you haven’t strapped yourself to the fanny pack wagon yet, Coachella is the perfect time to buckle one on, and we’ve got five good reasons to prove it. Please leave the crocs and Grandma meds at home, however. 

numbers_set_01 Save yourself, and all of us behind you in line, a headache when going through security. When they call out, “Ladies and guys without bags, over here!” you can cruise on up to the front of the line. Guys, convince your girl that it’s in everyone’s best interest to consolidate the duffel-bag of makeup and accessories into a fanny pack for expedient entry.

numbers_set_02 Speaking of ladies, a fanny pack is small. It ensures you will bring only what you need to survive. No extra outfit in case the mood calls for a wardrobe change, despite some Coachellagoers’ tendency to act as if it’s equal parts fashion show and festival. Carrying a bunch of “just in case” stuff is a bad idea. It’s the desert. It’s hot. You’ll be sweaty. Get used to it.

numbers_set_03The fanny pack eliminates the need to bring a backpack, purse, etc. Ten minutes after you get through the gates, you’ll be so hot, you’ll wish you left it back at the campsite and that feeling will only grow exponentially when the sweat is dripping down your back two hours later. You’ll take the backpack off at a show, put it at your feet and grimace every time someone steps on or spills their beer on it.  That says nothing of backpack-strap tanlines… 

numbers_set_04 Whether you’re jumping around, dancing like a maniac, or taking a mid-day recharge nap in the fields (aka passed the f*ck out), you know your phone, cash and belongings are safe with you. 

numbers_set_05 A fanny pack doubles as a carry-all, and you can cheat the system with external add-ons. If you’re one of those people who get cold when it’s 75 degrees out, you can loop a light sweatshirt through the strap of the fanny pack and you won’t have to carry it around all day. 

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Before you pack up your sunglasses, coolers and party favors, stop at a thrift store or trendy hipster supply shop and pick up a fanny pack for the weekend.  Or you can make friends with crocs Dad or your Grandma and see if you can borrow theirs.