Fantasy Basketball: Week 21 Breakdown

It's money time for teams looking to gain playoff position or even get into the postseason — that means there is going to be a lot of good basketball for fantasy owners to take advantage of.

Below is a look at some teams that have the most to offer this week as they are going up against four opponents in week 21. Also, there is a quick look at some players who are hot and some who don't fall under that category if you are looking to make some last second changes to your team.

Teams Set To Have A Solid Fantasy Week

Phoenix Suns: Have Orlando and Detroit at home while facing Brooklyn and Minnesota on the road.

Chicago Bulls: Gets Philadelphia twice this week sprinkled in with a trip to Indiana and a game at home versus Oklahoma City.

Indiana Pacers: It's home/away, home/away for the Pacers this week as they face Philadelphia, New York, Chicago and Memphis.

Miami Heat: Hits the road for three out of the four games this week as they face Cleveland, Boston, Memphis and New Orleans.

Orlando Magic: It's a west coast road trip for the Magic with four road games that include Golden State, Phoenix, Utah and the Lakers.

Who's HOT/ Who's NOT

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