Marvel Reveals LeBron James ‘Captain America’ Mask

Thanks to a massively disappointing first quarter in what would be an eventual loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night, we might have seen the last of the masked LeBron James. Due to wear the clear protective cover to protect a broken nose for at least another night, James ditched the item in disgust after scoring just two points on 1 of 6 shooting to go with three assists in the first quarter of the Miami Heat 111-87 loss.

Though the masked Heat avenger may be back to his old, opened faced self, that doesn't stop us from admiring the attention the 'King' received while strapped into the protective gear.

It all started when LeBron went 'Dark Knight' with a Batman-esque style that drew the oohs and ahhs of fans and reporters alike. Unfortunately the league offices must have felt that DC Comics was going to complain because they muscled James into switching to the standard clear mask instead.

Then, while sporting that clear mask, LeBron went 'video game' against the Charlotte Bobcats earlier last week to the tune of 61 points. Of course, James came back in the next game a little flat, running out of energy late in a 106-103 loss to the Houston Rockets.

James must have been feeling some bad vibes off the mask coming into the Spurs game to have him ditch it so quick. Maybe if LeBron could have switched back to the black mask? Or maybe if he could have switched over to the one designed for him by Marvel comics?

Wait, what? Marvel comics designed a mask for James you say?

Why yes they did and the design was done by artist Greg Land. In the design, Land drew heavily from Captain America, using the iconic big 'A' while making sure to use the ever present patriotic red, white and blue. In a tweet by @Marvel on Tuesday, the mask was shown on a comic version of James and was said to have been inspired by his super heroics against the Bobcats.


Considering all the press that James has received over this broken nose and covering, I would hate to see what would happen if he would have to slap on a back brace or maybe break a finger or two. Heck, maybe if he sprains a wrist we can get him an Iron Man gauntlet until it healed.

The NBA can deny him the protective covering of his choice; none can deny the cross-platform appeal and attention that James generates.

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Photo Credit: Marvel Comics/Greg Land