Volbeat Cancel Remaining Soundwave Tour

Danish metal group Volbeat have cancelled their remaining Soundwave dates due to a family emergency.

The Soundwave Festival made the announcement on its official Facebook page, saying only that the hugely popular international act “have been forced to withdraw from Soundwave due to a Family Emergency”.

The band was replaced on Saturday’s leg of the tour in Adelaide by home grown act Truth Corroded and will feature Chaos Devine in Perth when Soundwave wraps up on Monday.

Volbeat join a significant list of Soundwave pull-outs, including Sevendust, Stone Temple Pilots and more recently Megadeth, Newsted, Whitechapel, Conor Oberst’s Desaparecidos.

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This year’s Soundwave tour has not been without controversy. Thrash metal band Gwar received death threats after decapitating a replica of Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Despite huge amounts of backlash, Gwar responded with the following statement.

“We were just playing our show in Brisbane and this guy with giant ears wanders out onstage and tells us to go back to Antarctica, so naturally I removed his head from his shoulders. But what was really surprising was that it grew back and I had to chop it off again at Sydney Soundwave. So we are waiting to see what happens tonight.

Will it grow back again? Will it come back as a Koala bear? And what about the poor Queen? We chopped her tits off and stomped the royal baby to death, and all people seem to care about is this Abbott guy. I tell you this, if you could harvest the power of the wind with this dude’s ears, then you could create a machine that would move time and space and enable all the asylum seekers to enjoy Caesar salad every night. And also not have dogs set on them.”

Sydney band Thy Art Is Murder were almost kicked off the tour after the festival opener in Brisbane when they urged fans to fight security, allegedly telling the audience, “there are thousands of you and dozens of security. Smash them. All of you get on the stage,” according to promoter AJ Maddah.

Maddah is pulling the pin on another major festival in Perth. The famous Aussie promoter acknowledged Monday will be Soundwave’s last visit to the West Coast city, a month after declaring the same for the Big Day Out.

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