Soundwave Acts Dropping Like Flies

Four bands from the Soundwave lineup have withdrawn from the bill as the festival struggles to keep it all together before this weekend’s launch.

Joining the cancellations of Megadeth and Conor Oberst’s (Bright Eyes) Desaparecidos in recent days are former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted’s band, Newsted, and Swedish metal band Hardcore Superstar.

Newsted mysteriously announced their withdrawal via Facebook: “The NEWSTED Band will not be appearing or performing live in February or March 2014.”

Apparently festival promoter AJ Maddah doesn’t know what’s going either.



Newsted were curiously dropped as Megadeth’s support act for Soundwave sideshows before the latter bailed on the festival when Maddah refused to meet the band’s “ridiculous” demands.

While the Newsted announcement is still shrouded in mystery, the reason behind Hardcore Superstar’s cancellation is a little more clear cut.

Maddah reported the band were unhappy with the 11:30AM early slot in the festival schedule and threatened to withdraw should they not be bumped up the proceedings. Maddah failed to comply and later tweeted, “Dear #SW14 Bands, my priority is to program the best day possible for fans, not to participate in your pissing contests w(ith) other bands.”

Personal reasons will see Desaparecidos stay at home after the band explained their situation via Facebook.

“Due to the ill health of a close family member, Desaparecidos have been forced to pull out of the upcoming Soundwaves Festival in Australia. We apologise to our Australian fans and intend to reschedule these shows as soon as we are able to.”

Sevendust and Stone Temple Pilots were other high profile acts to cancel in the lead-up to the festival.

Soundwave kicks off in Brisbane and Sydney this weekend before travelling to Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

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