VIDEO: Watch Flaming Lips Cover ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’ on Letterman


Weirdo constellations the Flaming Lips took to The “Late Show With David Letterman last night alongside Sean Lennon for the Beatles’ iconic tripper jam “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds," for Letterman's Beatles Week feature. 

The Lips had previously executed a six-minute audio rendition of the song via frontman Wayne Coyne's Instagram, but the performance isn’t complete without the visual of Wayne acting like Jesus in frilly silver coat with ribbons, lights and confetti all around him. 

Lennon, meanwhile, was wearing the same hat and beard his dad wore on the album sleeve for Hey Jude, which in itself was a fantastic treat for Beatles heads. The performance itself was a molasses-slow process of odd translation for a Beatles classic that may require serious drug use to fully appreciate. See for yourself below.

"That's all you need, right there," Letterman said at the song’s end.