What’s Happening On The Web This Week: Homeless Coder

Wanna know what’s happening on the web this week? 2013 Tube, homless man is shrewd, team won’t get sued, Santa’s gift of lube, and man is rude… to a piano. Here’s the week in viral:


YouTube Rewind: What Does 2013 Say?

All the songs you tried to forget are baaaaaack!


The Real Story Of The Homeless Coder

…soon to be an Oscar contender?


Dad Saves Daughter At Knicks – Bulls Game!

Dads know defense.


“My Secret Santa Is An A**hole”

“Vegetables are good for you,” giggles Bad Secret Santa. [via]


Chicago’s Magical Piano

Man tells piano to shut up. Piano does. This is the future, ladies and gentlemen.


See you in the new year for more linking and more piano magic.


Geoffrey Golden is the author of Frankenstein’s Girlfriend, a bestselling humor book on Amazon.


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