Carlos Santana Celebrates Latin Connection in Guadalajara


Carlos Santana enjoys a little down time in the Barrel Room of Casa Noble Tequila.

For his latest album, Carlos Santana celebrates both his connection to Latin America and the inspiration he’s provided to other artists around the world.

To celebrate the occasion and the release of Corazon, Santana joined many of those artists onstage for a special launch concert in the Jalisco/Guadalajara region in front of a devoted, sellout crowd. Sponsored by Casa Noble Tequila and Mexican tourism officials, the concert will be featured in HBO in February.

Before he took the stage, the veteran of Woodstock, Kennedy Center honoree and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee sat down to discuss the new album and concert. Along the way, he would touch on everything from spirituality to passports.

Santana said the album grew out of both personal relationships and the rise of Latin America on the global stage.

“I think America and the rest of the world is recognizing that something memorable is coming out of Latin America,” he explained. “We’re breaking the stereotypes in the United States over Latinos. This is a good time to bring voice to the invisible ones — to treat Latinos with more compassion.”

“We’re no longer seeing movie characters constantly stereotyped —  like Scarface. We’re not just portrayed as thieves or drug dealers. We’re starting to see role models emerged in entertainment.”

“If we identify with something — only one thing — that stereotype — that’ll be what you are. I never did. I identified with Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Picasso, Billie Holiday and Miles Davis. I don’t have the ceiling. I am all of the animals in the zoo.”

Santana saw the new album as a chance to bring his fellow animals together to collaborate with a strong international flare

“I had some songs. Each of the artists had some songs We just did our best to get out of the way without any egos, competing or comparing.”

“Since I can remember, I’ve been blessed by a strong support system — ever since I was a child. So, in the studio, we trust each other. We wet our finger. The angels kiss it, and we know what to do. To the fellow artists, we say thank you for being here and sharing your light. We’re really grateful.”

Santana made it clear that we wished that in-studio atmosphere of acceptance and welcome would tech the rest of the world.

“Humans have been conditioned for thousands of years — infected with the idea that we’re not worthy of grace. We’re not deserving of miracles. But, the best part of the Bible is God made us in his image and his likeness. Why would we consider ourselves wretched sinners?”

“The new skin is beauty, excellence, grace, elegance. Musicians can succeed in showing that to people where Popes and governments can’t always succeed. The Kingdom of Heaven is for everyone, and you don’t have to earn it. I use this platform to promote equality, fairness and justice for all. I hope we can get rid of passports and just let ourselves move freely.”

“My only wish? Peace in the world. Corazon, corazon, corazon.”