Gran Turismo 6 Sells Five Times Less Than GT5 in Opening Week

Gran Turismo 6 isn’t fit to lick the wheels of its predecessor, as it has sold a whopping five times less than its predecessor in its opening week on sale in the UK. 

The racing series has always been hugely popular in Britain, though the latest seems to have suffered due to it being released on the PlayStation 3 after the PS4 has been released. 

GT6‘s chart placing was revealed by Chart-Track, who said: “The lone new entry at No8 within the All Formats Top 40 is Sony’s Gran Turismo 6 for PS3. It’s been 3 years since Gran Turismo 5 on PS3 and that title marked the highpoint for the series in terms of week 1 sales (selling close to 5 times the amount shown for GT6). But of course, consumers have a new Sony console under the TV right now, or are considering a PS4 purchase right now, which will affect GT6‘s sales.”

Regardless of the game being released on older hardware, it’s still surprising that has only just made into the top 10, given that there are still many who haven’t yet made the leap into the next console generation. While it could be argued that this is indicative of a decline in the popularity of the series, with Sony devoting its time to hyping the PS4 it’s arguable that GT6 has been left on the back-burner. When Gran Turismo 7 is inevitably announced for the PS4, we doubt it’ll be anything but a smash hit.

[Via GameRevolution]


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