Exclusive Premiere: Disfiguring The Goddess ‘Swarm King’


Disfiguring The Goddess is stomping back to center focus with a brand new album, Deprive, hitting music outlets December 10th via Decomp Records. To celebrate, CraveOnline is bringing you the exclusive premiere of track six on the album, “Swarm King”!

The man behind the Goddess, Cameron Argon, writes, records, produces and sings on all of the tracks, as well as plays all of the instruments on each Disfiguring The Goddess album. Think of him as the Trent Reznor of music to devour virgins as hellfire pours from the sky – and he’s only 23! What the hell?!

When he’s not focusing on other projects, Cameron is recording, producing and promoting his music based in the genre that he found his roots in – death metal. Cameron has cut his teeth in the metal industry by fronting death metal band Burning the Masses and remixing tracks for bands like Suicide Silence, As I Lay Dying and Whitechapel. Now he steps further into his own with the most devastating Disfiguring The Goddess release yet.

Check out "Swarm King" below, exclusively on CraveOnline:

The positively sick album art for Deprive is by well-known brutal death metal illustrator Toshihiro Egawa, who, among many other projects, is known for his artwork for the last Disfiguring The Goddess album, Sleeper.

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