USC New Head Coach Candidates

To the delight of many Southern Cal fans, USC is issuing in a new era in their glorious history.

Early Sunday morning USC Athletic Director Pat Haden did the inevitable and fired head coach Lane Kiffin after a humiliating 41-62 loss to Arizona State. No one is shedding a tear for Kiffin though. The writing was on the wall last season after the Trojans went from a No. 1 pre-season ranking to a 7-6 record and a loss in the Sun Bowl. Plus, he is probably the most hated coach in college football and in NFL circles and has done his part in burning many bridges.

Bad character is easy to overlook if you’re winning but going 28-15 five games into your fourth season will get you fired at a place like USC.

Due to severe sanctions from the NCAA the past few years, USC has been an embarrassment and has fallen into the cellar, leaving the Trojans yearning for a return to the glory days they had under former coach Pete Carroll. So in a search for the Trojan’s new savior, there will be no shortage of money in an attempt to land a home-run hire and the interview process will be long and thorough. USC can’t risk messing up this golden opportunity.

It is inevitable that every coach will be mentioned as a possibility to come to Los Angeles to replace Kiffin. There has already been a ton of speculation and every ‘hot’ coaching name and every up and comer has already been tossed around. We’re going to help you sort through the mess and give you the best names and most likely coaches to be given the opportunity to lead the cardinal and gold back to the promised land.



Joshua Caudill is a writer for CraveOnline Sports, a surfing enthusiast, a miserable Bills fan, and an expert on all things Patrick Swayze. You can follow him on @JoshuaCaudill85.


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