Lollapalooza 2013 VIDEO: Vic Mensa Flies Again in Lolla Solo Debut

Vic Mensa says performing of the Lollapalooza stage two years ago stands as one of the most electrifying experiences of his life.

But for the 21-year-old singer-rapper, a lot has changed in the two years that followed.  Mensa's band, the Chicago-born Kids These Days, rode a meteoric rise that landed the seven-member ensemble not only on the Lollapalooza scene, but also with appearances at South By Southwest and on "Conan O'Brien."

Creative differences led to the band's break-up last May — but Mensa's now striking out on a solo career, which put him right back performing at Lolla again this year.

Backstage at the Samsung Galaxy Artist Lounge, Mensa told Crave what's like to see his hometown offer their support at a venue like Lollapalooza and why the show holds so much meaning for him.

You can see all of Mensa's comments above.


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