Bully 2 Hinted by Trademark and Job Listing


Take-Two Interactive appears to be interested in making Bully 2.

A trademark has been filed for a product with the name BULLY with all capital letters, very similar to Rockstar's hit in 2006. Its been filed under computer and video game programs and software, further validating the idea that it's a game in development.

A job listing posted earlier in the month showed that Rockstar Toronto was hiring for a game with "large open-world environments". Given the original Bully's action-adventure style with an open world environment, it seems highly likely that the studio has been working on a sequel to the game since Max Payne 3's release in May 2012.

Bully was was well-received for its variety of content and character development. It played similar to the Grand Theft Auto games and even ran on the same engine. It's probable that Bully 2, if it exists, will run on Grand Theft Auto V's RAGE engine. That would mean better visuals, and much more robust gameplay mechanics. However, GTAV currently doesn't support next-gen platforms and Bully could follow suit. That wouldn't be surprising given Bully released after a new generation of consoles had released. If anything that played to its advantage since the PS2 had such a huge install base at that point.