Snow Patrol Frontman Writes Songs for New One Direction Album


Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody is writing tracks for the new One Direction album, working alongside band member/part-time lothario Harry Styles.

Speaking to The Sun, Lightbody said: "We wrote with Harry. It was a lot of fun. He’s a real dude actually. We’ve no idea if those songs will make it yet, though. It’s a long process. It’s great to work with other people — it’s good to flex the muscle."

It was rumoured that Harry Styles was working on a solo album with Lightbody, though a "source" told the newspaper that those fearing a potential 1D split can be rest assured that isn't the case. "One Direction always work solo with writers and are doing the same for the new album," the reported source said. "It saves time, which is so precious for a band under their pressures. The tracks Harry worked on with Gary are 100 per cent for the new One Direction album — and not a solo album."

Gary Lightbody now joins The Vaccines' Justin Young as an unlikely songwriter for the band. Young had previously met up with Niall Horan and Harry Styles, and praised both of them as "natural writers." "People who don't understand why I would want to work with One Direction are old-fashioned and small-minded and tribal," he said. "Someone asked me if we were selling out and I thought, how have I gone back on my word? At no point have we professed to be indie."

Photo: Getty Images