The Big List: Fallon To Replace Leno (At Least, For Now!)


Time to be a famous actor, answer press junket questions for your upcoming movie, be asked about movies that are in development, ramble like a crazy person when talking about the comedy, do the “my lips are sealed” motion when talking about the action movie, go home to work on your carpentry, because that’s all that matters, and check out these links!


Jimmy Fallon Will Replace Jay Leno On The Tonight Show

Bill Carter coughs and smirks skeptically.


Was This The Largest Computer Attack In Internet History?


Calm down, nerds! Geez! [image via]


Harrison Ford Grudgingly Acknowledges He’s In Anchorman 2 With “The Applesauce Girl”


I’m guessing he might be getting too old for this s***.


This Might Be The Worst Teen On Instagram


Money can’t buy happiness, unless being a giant troll makes you happy. In this kid’s case, it might?


What Type Of Beer Drinker Are You?


This is a very helpful ale-fographic.


That’s all for this DDoS’d edition of The Big List.


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