10 Skateboarding Dogs

There are standard dog tricks, like roll over and play dead. Then there’s a higher level of cool dog tricks, like fetching a beer from the fridge and skateboarding. Sure, you might never be able to teach a dog to do a 360 hardflip, but the fact that they can balance on the f***ing thing is impressive enough, especially if they’re also wearing sunglasses. Here are 10 skateboarding dogs:


Tillman the Skateboarding Dog

Someone get this dog a half-pipe.


Pete the Skateboarding Dog

I was kidding about the half-pipe thing – holy shit!


Neo and Tuxedo the Skateboarding Dogs

If they shot this at midnight in Paris, they might have run into Ernest Hemmingway.


Nash the Skateboarding Dog – Fail

Hey, no one said it was easy for dogs to skateboard.


Rob Thomas the Skateboarding Dog

I don’t know that his name is Rob Thomas, but I’m happy to assume it.


Salchi the Skateboarding Dog

A skateboarding dog, by its very definition, can’t be a “weiner.”


Bodhi the Skateboarding Dog

Is he riding the skateboard or chasing it? Either way, he’s a good dog.


Uggie the Skateboarding Dog and His Friend

Two dog pals, two skateboards, one chance at glory.


Bonus: The Skateboarding Puppies



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