Lavalette Covers ‘Malfunction’ By The Legendary Cro-Mags

Lavalette, the New York based pop outfit featuring New York Hardcore stalwart Mike Dijan (as well as some other hardcore folks) have recently lit quite a fire under the ass of controversy by covering, in ultra pop style, the classic song “Malfunction” by the legendary NYHC band The Cro-Mags.

Some think this is an awesome tribute; some want these folks shot on site. In fact Ex-Cro-Mags leader John Joseph has no problem with the cover, while  Ex-Cro-Mags bassist Harley Flanagan hates the song. Wow, those two disagree on something, shocker there.

Personally I have no beef with this song. It’s respectful, catchy, and if it blew up on a pop level it might get some money to the Cro-Mags guys. Nobody deserves to make some money off their creation more than they do. Few bands have been as influential as Cro-Mags and Age Of Quarrel is a classic record in any genre.

The whole beef with this song has reminded me of one thing: Most hardcore kids, old and new, have no sense of humor about themselves or their scene. What’s your opinion? What do you think of the track? Let us know.