‘Ugly Dolls: The Movie’ Sounds Pretty Good

UglyDolls are, ironically, adorable. I mean, look at those little buggers! Aw… Wage is wearing an apron! That’s… so… f***ing… adorable! And now these mini-monsters are coming to the big screen, thanks to Illumination Entertainment chief Chris Meledandri. Illumination will team with Universal to bring UglyDolls to life at a theater near you, from a script written by Little Fockers scribe Larry Stuckey. Universal and Illumination previously teamed up to produce Despicable Me, the excellent mad scientist comedy released last summer, so expectations are high.

In a statement made to Deadline, Meledandri said that “I remember the immediate appeal and connection that the characters had for me. They are simple in design, expressive in personality, and once I got to know David and Sun-Min [the creators of UglyDolls], I learned there was a mythology and a world behind this… The personality and level of wit reminded me of the illustrated work I saw from Matt Groening before he did The Simpsons.”

Meledandri plans to expand the UglyDolls multimedia franchise after the release of the feature film. In the meantime Illumination is hard at work on The Addams Family, a stop-motion animation adaptation of the classic Charles Adams comic strips, and a star-studded adaptation of Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax.

Crave Online will return with more UglyDoll news if we can ever get over how cute these things are!