Madden NFL 12 Will See Release, Lockout or Not

Good news for football fans: EA Sports has confirmed that Madden NFL 12 will see release on August 30, 2011, no matter if the real NFL sees a lockout or not.

“We’ll be shipping this year, regardless of what the labor issues are, whether they’re resolved or not,” said EA Sports President Peter Moore during a recent EA Sports event held in San Francisco.

To solidify that statement, Moore concluded by saying, “Madden 12 will be shipping on August 30, 2011, regardless of what happens with the league itself.”

Boom. There you have it. So if you’re a Madden fan, even if you can’t sit on the couch and eat chips and dip on Sunday while watching your favorite team on the telly, at least you can load up your copy of Madden and pretend it’s the real deal. Just don’t mind the fact that every deep ball you throw gets caught every single time.

And if you care about who will be the Madden NFL 12 cover athlete, ESPN is still hosting that voting contest. They’re currently down to the final four contestants — Adrian Peterson, Michael Vick, Peyton Hillis and Aaron Rodgers. So if you like one of those options better than the others, head over to ESPN and cast your vote.

See you on the gridiron in August.



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