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SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 27: Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre wears a t-shirt that reads "National Tight End Day" prior to the start of an NFL game between the Carolina Panthers and San Francisco 49ers at Levi's Stadium on October 27, 2019 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Brett Favre Allegedly Used Mississippi Welfare Money to Fund Volleyball Stadium for Daughter, Earns New Title of ‘Welfare Queen’

Talk about a foul play. Brett Favre, that Hall of Fame quarterback so many football fans revere, is suddenly caught in a money fraud scandal that involves his daughter, the governor of Mississippi, and a volleyball stadium.

As if this guy didn’t have enough cash on hand to build a dozen volleyball stadiums, he chose to engage in fundraising efforts to build the University of Southern Mississippi’s new volleyball stadium. The college is near and dear to Favre, as it’s where he went to school and where his daughter plays volleyball.

In his efforts to shore up some funds for the construction of the stadium, Favre allegedly conspired with Mississippi governor Phil Bryant, nonprofit founder Nancy New, and former welfare agency director John Davis. This rag-tag bunch decided the best way to pay for the new stadium was to siphon $5 million from the state’s welfare stash. Because why should poor people have all the fun, right?

Text messages show the parties involved conspiring, with Favre asking, “is there anyway [sic] the media can find out.” Oh, Brett. You may be rich and famous, but you’re dumb as a rock.

All this came to light because New squealed. After pleading guilty to 13 felony counts related to welfare fraud, she is now helping the prosecution, which has found that at least $77 million meant for people in need was spent on stupid shit, like this stadium.

Favre himself netted a cool $1.1 million welfare contract which was justified as needed for promotional purposes.

Suffice to say, the internet was not impressed by the revelation that Favre is a scoundrel.

Weird how the same party that popularized the derogatory and racist slur ‘welfare queen’ stole $5 million from Mississippi’s welfare funds for a brand-new stadium used by the daughter of Brett Favre, a Republican Party loyalist,” political commentator Lindy Li tweeted. “Funny how that works.”

Who’s the “welfare queen” now, Brett?

Cover Photo: Thearon W. Henderson / Stringer (Getty Images)