Emmy Envy: 13 Stars and Shows Never Nominated (That Should’ve Been)

The superficial whirlwind of validation season is upon us; hugs, tears and celebratory speeches will be shared at the 2019 Primetime Emmys. The ceremony recognizes excellence in American primetime television (or appropriated British television) and reinforces the one thing everyone already knows: television rules the world. In order to determine who goes home with which atom-wielding-winged-woman (the shape of the physical Emmy), each category is voted on by its peers; actors vote on acting, directors on directing, and so on. It sounds like a high school popularity contest, and as we know, not everyone gets asked to prom. There have been many worthy creatives who have never been given the recognition they deserve. Here are a handful of series and stars who have never been crowned.

Cover Photo: Home Box Office (HBO)

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