Swag Bag! The ‘Dark Phoenix’ Cast Gives Us the Goods

Welcome to a special Dark Phoenix edition of ComingSoon.net’s video feature CS Swag Bag, where we chat on camera with our favorite actors and directors about the strangest or most interesting piece of swag they’ve ever been given. This installment features Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Sophie Turner, Jessica Chastain, Evan Peters, Alexandra Shipp, and Tye Sheridan. Check out the hilarious answers of the Dark Phoenix cast in the video below!

What is swag? For our purposes, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “swag” as “promotional goods or items” or “goods given to people who attend or participate in an event.” For years we have been inundated with stories of awesome swag celebs get, like bags with designer jewelry or expensive electronics. CS Swag Bag hopes to explore the weirder side of Hollywood swag, and hopefully get some fun stories in the process!

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Dark Phoenix is now playing in theaters everywhere!

Which of these celebrity swag stories was your favorite? Who are some other Hollywood personalities you’d like us to ask about their craziest swag? Let us know in the comments below!

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