Fails and Feels: The Best and Worst Moments in Gaming 12/15/2018

Photo: Valve

Congratulations on surviving yet another tiring week! Your reward is a (hopefully) relaxing weekend! If you’ve had a busy seven days and haven’t managed to keep up with the latest gaming news, fear not, for Fails and Feels is here to get you all caught up. Here is the best and worst video games news!

First, let’s jump into the Fails, before we move on with the Feels!

Photo: Capcom



Turn Off Street Fighter 5 Ads And You’ll Lose Bonus Content

In a surprising move, Capcom has implemented new advertisements within Street Fighter 5. This paid-for fighting game now has optional advertisements seen on character costumes, loading screens, and stages. They aren’t very subtle at all, but they are optional, and players can opt out of the ads. Unfortunately, those who choose to turn off the ads will miss out on exclusive costumes and potential bonus cash.

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Sonic Movie Writer to Fans On Sonic’s New Look: ‘Everybody Relax’

There has been a fair bit of controversy surrounding the upcoming Sonic movie, mostly due to the way that the blue hedgehog looks. Unfortunately, the negative vibe surrounding the movie was made worse when writer Patrick Casey tweeted, “Everybody relax.”

Photo: Obsidian Entertainment


There Won’t Be Any The Outer Worlds Microtransactions, Obsidian Says

The Outer Worlds will apparently be absent of microtransactions, developer Obsidian Entertainment has confirmed. While it’s still possible that large paid-for content expansions will be available for the game, players shouldn’t expect to see loot boxes or timed buffs. For now, the developers are focusing on preparing the game for its 2019 release.

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CSGO Portal Easter Egg Just a “Bit of Fun,” Not a Portal 3 Hint

Unfortunately, for eager fans of the Portal series, the Easter egg found within CSGO‘s new Danger Zone mode is not a teaser for an upcoming game. The official CSGO Twitter account confirmed that the Portal secret was just a “bit of fun” and is “not a product announcement.” Sad times!


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