Playlist | Solomon Grey Spin Endless Summer Tunes

Solomon Grey are a London music production duo whose side hustle is composing music for period piece dramas on the BBC. 

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As a band, Tom Kingston and Joe Wilson aka Solomon Grey, make music to groove to. They’ve just released the Human Remix EP featuring remixes from Little Dragon, Nightmares On Wax and Alex Somers on Mercury KX (Universal). Listen to it below:

With those kinds of lofty credentials, these British lads obviously know their music so who better to ask for a playlist. Take it away boys… 

 Louis Cole – “It’s So Easy”

Tom Kingston: One of those artists that I can’t believe I’d never heard of until recently. This track is off his second album and has been on heavy rotation this summer!

Onra – “Reminds Me Of”

Kingston: Back doors open wide, gin and tonics on free-pour, (turn) this up loud!

Lady Wray – “It’s Been A Long Time”

Kingston: That voice, combined with some really interesting production, is a total winner. Had some great adventures through Spotify starting with this track.

 Kelpe – Tomato Day

Kingston: One of my summer projects has been to start compiling my own “Late Night Tales” playlist. This track was one of the first to make the cut. Who knows, one day we might get to do it for real.

 Mark Pritchard – “Come Let Us”

Kingston: This track is from the new release “The Four Worlds”. The record is more ambient and experimental than his debut “Under The Sun” but is just as captivating. We’re pretty obsessed by anything Mark Pritchard does.

Marlowe – “Lost Arts”

Joe Wilson: I love hip hop, always will. Marlowe’s album is the best I’ve heard for awhile. DJ format with a bit of Wu-Tang/RZA. Fun. 

Jamie Woon – “Sharpness”

Wilson: Yeah, I know it’s not brand new. I don’t care. Just enjoy it. Me and my family dance round the kitchen to it. Your turn.

Jon Hassell – “Dreaming”

Joe Wilson: Jon Hassell is brilliant and his latest album is too. Might not be your thing, but at least you would’ve tried something different. 

Chapelier Fou – “Oracle”

Joe Wilson: Tom found this album on his discover weekly playlist. I love it. So fun and inventive. Listen to the whole thing if you have a journey to work. If you work from home listen to it while you work. 

Darondo – “Let My People Go”

Wilson: Darondo is Al Green in pimp’s clothing. He’s cool, an alternative (Searching For) Sugarman story. Go through the whole catalogue when you can.