DeRay McKesson Thinks ‘War Of The Planet Of The Apes’ Is About Him

DeRay Mckeeson


When self-serving hyperwokeness is the basis of your revenue stream, sometimes you have to reach all the way to the fucking moon to find something to make you feel oppressed. Shaun King is usually circling the moon if you ever make it there. DeRay Mckesson was there yesterday. He thought, because one single ape in War Of The Planet Of The Apes is wearing a blue vest, that the filmmakers and the studio specifically targeted him with a racially coded message in order to push their anti-black agenda. Imagine having your head that far up your own ass. Yes, you invented blue vests. You know, the blue vests the apes wore in the original Planet Of The Apes movies. And if you see an ape in a blue vest and you automatically see yourself in that, then you might practice some “self-care” as the young people like to do.