‘Beauty And The Beast’ Made All The Money

Beauty and the beast


Beauty And The Beast made a lot of money this weekend. How much? Pretty much all of it.

With Disney’s promotional machinery running full tilt and the masses apparently caring little about the inclusion of a gay character, “Beauty and the Beast” arrived to an astounding $170 million in ticket sales at North American theaters over the weekend. That total broke multiple Hollywood records, including one set last year by “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” for the biggest March opening. And talk about princess power: “Beauty and the Beast,” an old-fashioned musical that mixes live-action scenes with fully digital characters, collected an additional $180 million overseas, placing the movie on a path toward $1 billion in worldwide ticket sales by the end of its run, analysts said. The film cost roughly $300 million to make and market.

Strictly speaking of movies, Disney owns Marvel, Star Wars, and is now gonna turn all their animated films into live-action adaptations. It’s only a matter of time before we’ll all be able to go to Disney World for free, because Disney World will be the actual world and we’ll all be characters. Disney is running shit. Disney is your master now.