Blac Chyna Is Having Twins

Blac Chyna

When constant media coverage your pregnancy is beneficial to your career and who you marry is as equally beneficial to your bank account because that means a reality show, its manna from heaven when you can be as pregnant as possible. So, congratulations, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. They’re having twins. Suck it, Aniston.  

Life & Style exclusively revealed that the engaged duo is expecting twins just seven months after going public with their relationship.

It’s 2016, so “Rob Kardashian is the father of twins” shouldn’t come as a shock. We’re all numb to 2016 at this point. At least the twins will always have nice socks. And is Tyga and Kylie get married, their mother will also be their aunt. And their uncle will be their half-brother’s father. That should be good for at least 10 more seasons. Unless Khloe steals one of the babies and takes it to her cave to negotiate a spin-off.

Here’s an attractive member of the family.