Amy Schumer Won’t Take Selfies With Fans Anymore, You Guys

Amy Schumer had a meltdown when Glamour kinda called her “plus-sized” (which she clearly is), and she had another meltdown yesterday when some dude in Greenville, SC wanted to take a selfie. I’ll let Amy explain.

She comes across like Trump supporter talking about Muslims/Mexicans/black people/women here, but if you think you’re too important to take selfies with fans, just say that. Because one thing I don’t do when someone “scares the shit out of me” is to take a picture of them. You can check out the video the dude posted here and you’ll see that Amy Schumer doesn’t look like shit was just scared out of her body. Her body is in workout clothes, so I’m assuming that’s why she asked him to delete it. Probably for the best. I’m guessing she’ll take the same stance when paparazzi are screaming at her on the red carpet like they do everyone else. Or not since she won’t be in workout clothes and we see this issue for what it actually is. Great work, team!


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