Aaron Carter No Longer Wants To Make America Great Again

One of the many problems with democracy is that Aaron Carter is allowed to vote, but good news everyone! He’s been bullied into realizing voting is dumb and pretty much a waste of time.

Donald Trump is a trailer park Lex Luthor who would make America more of an embarrassment than it already is, but our other choices are Hillary Clinton who would change her position on drinking blood if Aztecs were an influential voting demographic, and Bernie Sanders, who has been fighting the same fight for 50 years and has nothing to show for it except white college kids who post memes on Facebook about Sweden and superdelegate conspiracies. Ted Cruz might have a chance if he can find Noah’s Ark by October.  

Here’s Hayley Atwell. She plays Agent Carter. This post is about Aaron Carter. Agent Carter fills out a dress better. 


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