Mike Huckabee Threw Kim Davis Under Survivor’s Bus

Mike Huckabee Kim Davis

When Kim Davis was being persecuted for her Christian beliefs by standing in front of a government building at a protest rally in her honor because she willfully and repeatedly violated a judge’s order, she carried her cross up the stairs to Survivor’s “Eye Of The Tiger. Survivor immediately threatened to sue, because apparently the use of their song was not part of God’s plan. Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee, the man who organized the rally and made sure nobody could crash his martyr party and get their hands on his influx of hillbilly cash, says he didn’t know Kim Davis was going to use the song as her ring entrance music even though she was in jail like ten minutes before. Sorry bout it, Kim.

Mike Huckabee is passing the blame for that whole Kim Davis-“Eye of the Tiger” fiasco, and his point is clear … DON’T SUE ME! We spoke to the presidential hopeful about last week’s Davis rally where the Survivor hit blared over her entrance. As we reported, the band was pissed and threatened legal action since no one asked for permission. Sounds like Huckabee’s aware of the risk, because you gotta see his reaction when we asked who picked out the song.

This is same Mike Huckabee who stood up there like Joe of Arc and said he would go to jail in Kim Davis’ place, but please understand, that’s when he thought money was coming in, not going out.  He might not be “willing to spend one day under the tyranny of people who believe they can take our freedom and conscience away”, but he definitely won’t spend a dollar to help the fundie jean skirt puppet who got him a lot of news cycles. I’d say she should think about hitting up Jesus, but I think he’s saving up for a new plane.

You can’t really have a post about religion without a Playboy Playmate Charlie Riina in a bikini. 1/4 of these are NSFW. I’ll let you go on this spiritual journey yourself.