People Are Saying Amanda Bynes Looks “Healthy”

Amanda Bynes Twitter


The last time we heard from Amanda Bynes‘ on Twitter, she accused her father of molesting her because the implanted transmitters in her brain told her that she should put that on social media. Fast forward a month later, and she’s posting pics of her new outfit. Awesome. It seems to fit. And she was smiling. Whew, I guess everything is okay now.

Bynes, 28, has dyed her formerly lilac locks blonde, and though she looked extremely slim in the photo, she also appeared healthy — smiling normally unlike some of her previous, bizarrely posed photos. Fans have been concerned about the retired actress’ well-being after she was released from a treatment facility in October. 

When it comes diagnosed paranoid schizophrenics, maybe by definition of “healthy” differs from Us Weekly’s, but if a smile is all it takes to look healthy, a lot of kids on the St. Jude’s website should be going home any day now. She bought a new dress and smiled about it. That doesn’t mean she won’t come back and burn the store down because she thinks the dressing room is telling people secrets about her.