Amanda Bynes Might Be Confined And Medicated For A Year Against Her Will

Amanda Bynes


Amanda Bynes‘ microchip was no match for her suddenly involved parents who “tricked” her into going to a mental hospital where she’s been hospitalized for psychiatric hold since Friday. She now might be transferred to some type of criminally insane supermax where she will match wits with Batman or something I don’t know.

Amanda Bynes is headed for another conservatorship, but we’re told it almost certainly will not be at the hands of her parents. Rather, we’ve learned Amanda’s doctors are planning to get the type of conservatorship that can keep her confined and medicated for up to 1 year. Sources familiar with Amanda’s treatment tell TMZ … the plan is to get an LPS Hold — something a judge will grant at the behest of doctors but only if the patient is “gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder or impairment by chronic alcoholism.” The LPS Hold allows doctors to confine Amanda — at either the hospital or another secure facility — and administer meds against her will. The LPS Hold is far more stringent than what her parents could get. The parents could not legally force meds on Amanda nor could they effectively restrain her. We’re told Amanda literally hates her parents now after they tricked her into coming to the mental hospital.

You know all this stuff that’s been going on with Amanda Bynes, right? I mean, you pretty much know the gist. Crazy stuff, right? Keep in mind that she HASN’T EVEN BEEN DIAGNOSED YET. She’s just walking around in one shoe talking to herself and pouring gasoline on dogs and nobody really thought to do anything until she said, “hey, my dad used to grab my butt on the reg”. So if they need to get Ben Kingsley to walk her through everything while they force meds down her throat to get the microchip out and fix all the wiring, I say go for it. She can still shop online, and you can use Twitter from pretty much anywhere.