Khloe Kardashian Is Getting Fired From ‘X Factor’

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Since we’re all already subjected to American Idol and The Voice, the ratings for X Factor are falling off a cliff. Partly because Khloe Kardashian sucks and is the most awkward host of anything ever. EW reports:

X Factor producers insist they haven’t decided if malfunctioning host-bot Khloe Kardashian will return for season three. But the New York Post claims she won’t be back. “They are asking Mario [Lopez] to come back, but not Khloe,” an insider told the publication. That would align with the sense we got from Fox reality chief Mike Darnell last month, as well as a tip we recently received that Fox denied. “I think the hosts were okay,” Darnell told EW in January. “I think Mario knows how to be a host. I think Khloe was new. And I thought for someone new she did okay. She never hosted before.” If Kardashian does exit, there could be another reason for the shakeup aside from the TV personality’s awkward performance (see below). With X Factor ratings down for season two, we’re told producers might have to look for ways to shrink the show’s budget. Networks generally prefer cuts to be less visible to the audience, so the storytelling quality doesn’t suffer (hey stop laughing!). But if American Idol can get by with one host, surely X Factor doesn’t really need two

“Surely X Factor doesn’t need two”? Change that to “too”, and I’m on aboard. Because how many singing shows are do we need? At what point will every American have auditioned for one of these things? I’m almost positive I’ve seen some of these people twice.

Hi. I’m. Khloe. Kardashian. I’m. reading. off. a. teleprompter.


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