Bruce Willis is Confused

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Even the star of A Good Day to Die Hard doesn’t understand it. A drunk/hungover/jet lagged/all of the above Bruce Willis gave a rambling interview about his new film on English television. The Daily Mail reports:

Bruce Willis has been labelled ‘ignorant and incoherent’ after his appearance on The One Show on Wednesday evening.

The Hollywood actor was blasted by viewers of the BBC One show after he appeared to snub questions from hosts Matt Baker and Alex Jones during an increasingly awkward interview to promote his new movie A Good Day To Die Hard.

The actor gave short answers and repeatedly shrugged his shoulders in the promotional appearance described as ‘torture’ by viewers. Bizarrely, the only time Willis, 57, did open up during the live interview was to criticise the name of the film – which he insisted didn’t make any sense.

While Baker was in the middle of praising the film, Willis only seemed interested in criticising it. Cutting him off, Willis said: ‘Let me ask you guys, what about the title? Are you confused by it?’ Jones admitted she did think the name was strange, with Willis then responding: ‘I don’t understand it. ‘It’s a Good Day to Die Hard’? No, I’m still working on it.’

Much to Todd’s dismay I’ve never seen any of the Die Hard movies. But obviously you need an advanced degree just to get past the title. Bruce is right, how does one die hard? Unless you’re falling from a tall building most deaths would be relatively soft. And are there bad days to die hard? It really makes you think.

Photo credit = WENN