Everyone In Hollywood Is Gay

You'd be one of the best lovers in the world.

If you’re a straight male in your 30’s or 40’s, I bet a good birthday party idea would be to invite all your friends to a transgendered club and let a fancy cross-dressing hostess paddle all your friends for being naughty boys. No? That doesn’t sound like a good idea? Why would you say that? STOP BULLYING!! Page Six reports:

Tom Cruise and Matt Damon got spankings Saturday night at a naughty birthday bash for Damon. Cruise was spotted at Simon Hammerstein’s London club The Box to toast Damon’s 42nd birthday, along with “The Avengers” hunk Chris Hemsworth, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton and party organizer John Krasinski. “Tom arrived solo,” said a spy, who added that the Hollywood heavyweights all “got paddled on their rears” by the club’s cross-dressing hostess. “Matt got some extra spanking” for being the birthday boy, and, “they all had a fantastic night enjoying the shows and partying till the end.”

Besides professional wrestling and a fraternity, there’s really nothing more homoerotic than when A-list actors have bro time. I bet the party was really fun. Especially when they all talked about their time in high school drama club.