L.A. Has Finally Acknowledged That Amanda Bynes Likes To Hit Cars Then Leave

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To any rational and sane person with only a cursory knowledge of traffic laws, Amanda Bynes should only be allowed to travel by tricycle or roller skates, but it took the L.A. City Attorney two hit-and-runs and a DUI arrest that involved Bynes side-swiping a parked police car to say, “I don’t know. Maybe take her car keys? What do you guys think?”. TMZ reports:

We broke the story … prosecutors recently reopened Bynes’ hit-and-run case from back in April because the actress was accused of yet another hit-and-run last month. Now, the L.A. City Attorney has taken the next step — charging Bynes with two counts of misdemeanor hit-and-run, stemming from the two incidents. As for the second alleged incident, we’re told the “smoking gun” for detectives was that the damage to the victim’s car matched the damage to Amanda’s. She’s due in court September 27th. Calls to Bynes’ reps weren’t immediately returned.

If convicted, Bynes could face a year in jail, but please keep in mind that Lindsay Lohan could shoot up a daycare then inject all the survivors with heroin and only be sentenced to having to go watch Sparkle. They’ll probably just make her paint flames on her car for camouflage.

pic source = WENN