Jason Kidd Was Carried Out Of A Club, Hit A Tree

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“Can’t you all see this negro is drunk? Buy Star Wars on Blu-Ray.” – George Lucas

Less than two weeks after signing with the Knicks, Jason Kidd got piss drunk at a charity event and crashed his car into a tree this weekend. Carmelo Anthony is probably already concerned with how many shots Kidd is taking. TMZ reports:

Multiple witnesses tell TMZ … NBA star Jason Kidd appeared to be so drunk in the moments leading up to his DWI arrest … that he had to be carried out of the club he spent the night partying at. TMZ has obtained a photo of the all-star point guard being carried out of a club called SL East. Multiple witness tell TMZ that Kidd appeared “incredibly drunk” — so much so that at one point he tried to hang from a club light and broke it. According to the multiple witnesses, after being carried out by a few friends, Kidd got in his car to drive off … despite protests from his friends. Kidd left the club around 1:00 AM and crashed his car less than an hour later.

Jason Kidd is a alcoholic woman beater, so good luck in trying to convince to feel bad for this jackass. The fact that he tried to drive himself home after literally being carried out of a club, should tell you everything you need to know. Either he has shitty friends or he’s such a belligerent, insufferable douche when he’s drunk that his friends just said “fuck it” and let him take his chances. His wife (shown above) was also at this event, so it’s really a mystery why he was even allowed near car keys. You know what else is a mystery? Stonehenge.