Simon Cowell Had Sex 11 Times In One Night

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Because whores like to talk, some chick and ex-model, Alicia Douvall, claims she dated Simon Cowell in 2001 and on the fourth date they banged 11 times. Also, whores are good with numbers. Metro UK reports:

‘On the third or fourth date we ended up doing it 11 times in one night,’ she claimed. ‘We started having sex and went on through the night. We slept a little bit in between but only for a few minutes.’ Despite the marathon session, Cowell was apparently eager for her to develop her skills in the bedroom. Douvall explained: ‘Every time we had sex he would analyse my performance just like a judge on the TV and say how there could be an improvement next time.’

Whatever. I banged Ashley Greene 11 times in one night last month. It would have been 12, but my grandma came in and said she had to use the computer.