Vern Teddy Troyer Bear

For Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, they made Vern Troyer dress up like a teddy bear and eat a tiny pot full of honey, which – for him – was a average-sized pot of honey. The Daily Mail article that outlines the various “tasks” assigned to “celebrities” continues the bright tradition of The Daily Mail to make news out of nothing:

For their task, Coolio and Tommy Sheridan were made to dress as toy cars and file through a car wash. They stood looking sad and resigned as they were showered in soap suds and dirty water.

Coolio later caused uproar in the house after baiting Michelle and Ulrika and telling them he wanted them to leave the house.

The pair apologised to each other and tried to seal the reconciliation with a hug, but Coolio’s car costume got in the way.

As for Vern and his constant life-reminders that he is really tiny, and the television audience of the world want to see tiny people doing funny things:

When former pop star Michelle Heaton and Hollywood actor Verne Troyer objected to being told to dress as teddies and eat a pot of honey they were simply told to ‘bear with it’.

How the Daily Mail has avoided a Pulitzer is beyond me.


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