Hollywood is Insane

In the new book, Hollywood Babylon: It’s Back, authors Danforth Prince and Darwin Porter have published full-frontal pictures of several actors including Johnny Depp (reportedly known as “donkey dick”), Sean Connery, and Ewan McGregor, James Woods, and Richard Gere. However, despite the explicit photographs, the real meat (haha, you see what I did there?!) of the book is the stories of old Hollywood that further prove the whole place needs to wiped out by an act of God. How crazy and depraved was Hollywood back then? Hold on to your fucking hat. Rush & Molloy report:

Dishing with abandon, the authors spare no one – especially not the dead, who can’t sue. Lack of sources don’t stop them from claiming:

Marilyn Monroe had an affair with Ronald Reagan. The authors also claim Monroe had a tryst with Joan Crawford but refused to make it an ongoing affair. “She had bad breath,” Monroe allegedly told roommate Shelly Winters. “Besides, she wanted to do things to me that no woman should do to another woman.”

James Dean showed a disconcerting interest in a 12-year-old boy in the early 1950s. Director Elia Kazan believed the tale: “I’ve known many actors who have been twisted up in their sex lives, but never anybody as sick and unhealthy as Dean was.”

Elvis Presley had a gay old time with Nick Adams, who played Johnny Yuma in the hit TV series “The Rebel.”

Lucille Ball launched herself into show business as a hooker, and her husband Desi Arnaz had a fling with Cesar Romero.

Cary Grant had an incestuous relationship with his stepson, Lance Reventlow.

Strange things happened to Judy Garland‘s body (this in the chapter on “Fan Worship and Necrophilia”).

Police believed Bette Davis killed her second husband, Arthur Farnsworth, by hitting him on the head and causing a hemorrhage that lead to his death two weeks later. But a grand jury – six men who confessed to being ardent fans – found her innocent.”

None of these stories can be confirmed of course, but I don’t have a problem believing any of them, because, um well, it’s Hollywood. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Denzel Washington slept with a severed head or if Ron Howard owns a private island where he hunts pregnant Haitian women.


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