Tom Cruise is Still Doing Damage Control

Although their “religion” was further exposed to be a ridiculous cult by leaked videos last week, The Church of Scientology somehow manages to think that all of this attention will help attract new victims members. Seriously. Page Six says:

Having presented these selective and out-of-context excerpts with the intent of creating both controversy and ridicule resulted in people searching for Church of Scientology Web sites,” a rep for the faith told Page Six. Scientology turned up on the “most searched for” lists of various search engines. But whoever leaked the video is still in trouble. An insider told us, “The clip on the Internet was nine minutes long – but the original was way longer. It was edited to make Tom look really crazy.”

Actually, um, no. You can see all the unedited videos here, and Tom Cruise did a pretty good job of making himself look like a lunatic on his own. The only things missing from these videos is aluminum foil hats and ray guns. Pew! Pew! Pew!

Here’s a new video from “Anonymous” (transcript here) (thanks, Mike):

Here’s an old photoshoot of Katie Holmes back when she was cute and before she started to morph into a female version of Tom Cruise:


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