Diana and Dodi Might Have Been Engaged

The British inquest into Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed’s deaths produced a receipt for a “bague fiancaille” (a.k.a. “engagement ring”) which was purchased by Dodi the day of his and Diana’s fatal car accident.

The jury was shown a copy of the receipt dated August 30, 1997, with the words “bague fiancaille”, which means engagement ring in French, printed on it. They were also shown unedited CCTV images of Fayed in the jewellery store, which is on the same square as the Ritz Hotel, where the pair were staying, and the images showed Fayed examining the ring in the store after it had closed to the public the afternoon he purchased it. The CCTV images showed Fayed later returning to the couple’s Imperial suite at the Ritz, where Diana spent the afternoon, holding only a brochure from the jewellery store. Claude Roulet, an assistant to the hotel’s president, is then seen in the footage returning to the store shortly afterwards to pick up an object in a bag which he then takes to the couple’s suite. The footage subsequently showed Roulet putting the bag in the Ritz’s strong room, before Fayed and Diana leave the hotel for the last time.”

All of this is sad and all, but it’s not nearly as sad as what happened to me the other day. I was minding my own business, opening my mailbox when all of a sudden this utility bill came out of nowhere and attacked me. It was red and had this “FINAL NOTICE” stuff all over it which really scared me. I’m pretty sure it had teeth which bit me and a knife that stabbed me, but I was too much in shock to remember.



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