Paula Abdul is Nuts

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Psychotic breakdowns make for good television, so it’s weird that Paula Abdul’s new reality show isn’t a hit. Page Six reports:

Paula Abdul is always running late, as seen on her Bravo show, “Hey Paula” – but woe to her assistants if they don’t get their jobs done on time. A spy says, “There’s a salon chair in her house where she gets her hair and makeup done every day. She’ll sit in it, set an alarm, and then, because she’s on so many painkillers, pass out while her hair and makeup guy gets her ready for the day. When the alarm goes off she’ll wake up, and God forbid the poor guy isn’t done yet. All hell breaks loose.”

All you need to know about this trainwreck you can find on her dumb show, where she’s routinely saying asinine shit like, “People need to start treating me like the gift that I am.” That usually happens when she’s mildly inconvenienced in some way, which usually ends up with her suffering a complete meltdown. In fact, it’s so bad that most scientists agree that any person born within a certain radius of Paula Abdul will more than likely be diagnosed with Chernobyl heart.

Paula in L.A. a few days ago: