Britney Blames Other People For Her Problems

In attempt to revive her career, Britney Spears has been spending time in the recording studio and taking dance classes. She has also accepted responsibility for her questionable behavior in the recent months following her divorce. Oh yeah, that’s right, she hasn’t. She fired her manager Larry Rudolph instead:

Spears, who’s been suffering from severe postpartum depression, blames Rudolph for recent missteps, including introducing her to her nemesis, Paris Hilton. There may be legal ramifications as she signed a multi-year deal with Rudolph. But, since she just rehired her one-time p.r. woman, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, we’re sure it will all be spun nicely in the press. Sloane didn’t know about Rudolph’s status when contacted.”

As you saw in the video, Britney truly believes everything she’s doing is perfectly normal. She’s absolutely fine, it’s the media and her manager that make it seem bad. I swear, if you took and X-ray of this idiot’s brain you’d probably see a Tickle Me Elmo or monkey playing the cymbals.

Britney. Blue contact lenses. Wig. Hat. Boots. Still not home with kids.




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