Jennifer Lopez Really is a Scientologist

Although she has vehemently denied that she is affiliated with the Church of Scientology, when asked what she thought of the judges’ critiques of the contestants on Wednesday’s American Idol, Lopez said, “concentrating on the rightness brings more rightness.” Rightness? Who says that? Oh yeah, Scientologists:

“Rightness” comes up frequently in the lexicon of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Former OT III-level church member Margery Wakefield writes in “The Language of Scientology” that “rightness” was one of his buzzwords. Among Hubbard’s manifestos: “Rightness and Wrongness” and “Recognition of Rightness of the Being.”

Poor Marc Anthony. It is not enough that he looks like he just escaped a death camp? He has to deal with being married to a talentless, fat assed bitch who’s a member of a ridiculous, career saving, homosexuality hiding, alien worshipping, brainwashing, fortune seeking cult now? Great. I don’t know when his birthday is, but if you were planning on getting him a present, I wouldn’t suggest firearms.

Jennifer Lopez “performing” on American Idol:


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