Jake Gyllenhaal is in Love

There are a lot of people who think Jake Gyllenhaal is gay. Those people are right:

Sure, he was just linked with Reese Witherspoon, but that hasn’t stopped speculation about Jake Gyllenhaal and his good buddy Austin Nichols. The “Brokeback Mountain” star last week visited the set of Nichols’ HBO series, “John From Cincinnati,” according to TMZ.com, which says that the two guys spent most of the day in Nichols’ trailer. The site also says they had a quiet dinner at Jar in L.A., escaping paparazzi through the back door.”

I can’t tell if the New York Daily News was being sarcastic when they used the words “buddy” and “back door” in this article, but the banner pictures are pretty much all you need to know. I wonder if Austin Nichols even made it out of the parking lot before Jake had his boxers in his teeth.

Jake on April 10th:


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