Kirsten Dunst is Doesn’t Care if You Don’t Like It

In response to Blondie fans who have flooded message boards slamming the decision to cast her as Deborah Harry in an upcoming biopic, Kirsten Dunst manages to alienate the people who will pay to see this movie in one sentence.

Debbie chose me for this role so anyone who disputes this can take it up with her.”

Good job there Kirsten, way to extend that olive branch by throwing Deborah Harry under the bus. They’ll be sure to love you now. Everyone loves you. That’s why more people pay to see Dora on Ice than see your movies. What? Yes, I know that the Spider-Man franchise has made $777 million worldwide. I also know that your last three movies have made $58 million combined. They could have gotten LeBron James or a donkey to play Mary Jane, and Spider-Man would have made the same amount of money.

Kirsten Dunst and boyfriend, Johnny Borrell:


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