Dolly Parton is Not Marilyn Monroe

We’ve received quite a few of emails asking for more of these old Hollywood stars thrown in the mix. High quality photos like these are hard to find, and this new batch of Marilyn Monroe was labeled “rare,” so I’m into it. Even less rare than these pictures is Dolly Parton admitting she fantasizes about having sex with women.

Parton says, “When I have sex with my husband these days, I fantasize I am with someone like Keith Urban or a petite, hot young woman.” And the candid conversations don’t end there – Parton told a British magazine her first crush was on a Tennessee hooker. She explains, “I thought she was beautiful. She had more hair, more color, more everything.”

Hey, nothing wrong with that. In fact, I heard that women who have sex with other women are healthier and live twice as long as anyone else, but I try not to tell anyone about it. Because knowledge like this in the wrong (ahem, Britney Spears) hands can be dangerous. Sometimes a short shelf life is good. But don’t say that to the green thing with fur and legs that lives in my vegetable drawer. It has personality. And as they say, personality goes a long way.

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